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Nestled in the heart of Tavares, Florida, the Eustis Gun Club stands as a premier destination for firearm enthusiasts and shooting sports enthusiasts. With a commitment to safety, education, and community engagement, the club has become a go-to spot for individuals seeking a top-notch shooting range experience in Central Florida. Further facts about Tavares, FL can be found here.

State-of-the-Art Shooting Range:

The Eustis Gun Club features a state-of-the-art shooting range equipped with modern facilities and amenities. The range caters to a variety of shooting disciplines, including handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Whether visitors are seasoned marksmen or first-time shooters, the range offers a safe and controlled environment for all skill levels. Information about Tavares Skate Park: Shredding and Rolling in Central Florida can be found here.

Safety First:

Safety is paramount at the Eustis Gun Club, and the facility is designed with rigorous safety measures in place. Trained range officers are present to enforce safety protocols, provide guidance to shooters, and ensure a secure shooting environment. The club’s commitment to safety extends to its dedication to promoting responsible firearm ownership and usage within the community.

Educational Programs and Training:

The Eustis Gun Club actively engages in firearm education by offering training programs for individuals seeking to enhance their skills or obtain necessary certifications. From basic firearm safety courses to advanced training sessions, the club provides a structured and educational environment for shooters of all experience levels. These programs contribute to the promotion of responsible gun ownership and usage.

Competitive Shooting Events:

For those seeking a more dynamic shooting experience, the Eustis Gun Club hosts competitive shooting events throughout the year. These events attract participants from various skill levels and backgrounds, fostering a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition within the shooting community. From precision shooting competitions to action-packed matches, the club provides a diverse range of events for enthusiasts to enjoy.

Firearm Rentals and Pro Shop:

The Eustis Gun Club offers firearm rentals for visitors who may not have their own equipment. This allows individuals to experience different types of firearms under the guidance of range officers. Additionally, the club’s pro shop provides a selection of firearms, ammunition, and shooting accessories for purchase, ensuring that shooters have access to quality equipment and supplies.

Community Engagement:

Beyond being a premier shooting facility, the Eustis Gun Club actively engages with the local community. The club hosts events, seminars, and outreach programs to promote firearm safety, responsible gun ownership, and the enjoyment of shooting sports. This community-oriented approach contributes to a positive and inclusive atmosphere within the club.

Scenic Location and Amenities:

Situated in the scenic landscape of Tavares, the Eustis Gun Club offers a picturesque setting for shooting enthusiasts. The facility is equipped with amenities such as covered shooting stations, target retrieval systems, and comfortable seating areas for spectators. The club’s scenic location enhances the overall shooting experience, providing a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for visitors.


The Eustis Gun Club in Tavares, Florida, stands as a leading destination for firearm enthusiasts, offering a state-of-the-art shooting range, educational programs, and a commitment to safety. With a focus on community engagement and competitive shooting events, the club has become a central hub for individuals passionate about responsible firearm usage and the enjoyment of shooting sports. As a premier facility in Central Florida, the Eustis Gun Club continues to play a pivotal role in promoting a safe, educational, and enjoyable shooting experience for residents and visitors alike.