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Metallic Coatings in The Villages, FL

Attention to detail is the defining characteristic of our work. We bring precision to every job while working efficiently.

Tired of a bland floor that goes unnoticed, doesn’t tie into the theme of your room, or garner any appreciation? Look no further than metallic epoxy flooring.


These polymer systems not only provide the essential concrete protection as typical epoxy flooring, but completely transform the style and theme of any room in simply a floor transformation. Metallic floors are commonly seen in many showrooms, bars and dining areas, retail stores, and anywhere else trying to push the status quo when it comes to flooring.

Customizing Your Flooring and Painting Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Reawaken Your Floors with Metallic Epoxy

Traditional flooring systems can easily be overlooked and bring little to no added value to a room, except simply for functionality. Metallic floors flip that mindset upside down, providing both an eye-popping finish and an even more functional floor than most traditional systems. With an infinite number of variations, your floor will truly be one of a kind, and therefore so will the room.

Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Floors

Like all epoxy flooring systems, metallic floors offer a multitude of benefits from a functionality standpoint. The completely sealed off substrate will never get contaminants, or other chemicals that will deteriorate the properties of concrete. These floors also offer extremely easy cleanability as virtually all material just wipes off the floor.

Also the durability will be greatly enhanced with the use of the 3 coats of protective material. Again just like other polymer flooring options, metallic floors can also repair and hide any ugly spots of spalling, delamination, holes, etc. in your concrete. Metallic floors even provide an infinite number of possibilities and variations to bring the theme of your room into the floor, or even set the theme with your floor. No two metallic floors are alike as the process is heavily affected by the finisher.

The Preparation Process

All polymer flooring systems begin with concrete preparation. Typically this involves diamond grinding of the substrate to remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants. Our experienced staff can identify the proper diamond technology to properly prepare your concrete. Allowing the following coats the ability to bond properly to the concrete, or any other suitable substrate.

The Coating Process

The process begins with a pigmented primer coat  which will typically be the color you see in the background of the finished product. This coat is very thin and  soaks into the concrete providing a great starting canvas for the masterpiece to come. The next step is a clear epoxy body coat, mixed with very fine metallic aggregates that come in virtually any color you fancy. This coat is applied the same as the previous coat, except there is an additional person on the finished floor that disperses the metallic aggregate throughout the floor to the desired design.

The metallic aggregates are so fine compared to the moderately thick body coat, that the aggregates will move around and suspend in different variations. This is what provides the almost “marble” look of the floor. Finally the system is typically finished with a urethane topcoat that provides many of the chemical, UV, and wear resistance.

This topcoat can also provide some texture in it as well to help with slipping. Also the urethane topcoat can come in a glossy form or a more dull finish, depending on your desires.

Why Choose OCD Painting and Flooring?

All polymer flooring services feature difficult techniques that take years of experience to truly master, but this might be the most true of metallic floors. Trust our experienced and professional team to convert your bland floor into a one of a kind piece of art.

Our experience and specialized equipment allow us to complete any floor with efficiency without sacrificing quality. The full-time staff here at OCD Painting and Flooring treat every job with the utmost effort and quality. Trust us to be the company that gets your floor done right the first time and for the last time!

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Attention to detail is the defining characteristic of our work. We bring precision to every job while working efficiently. As a valued customer, we protect your service with a 3-year warranty on our workmanship. Want to read more?

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We stand behind every single job we do and give all our customers a three year warranty on our workmanship. If there is a failure with anything we do, due to application error or lack of proper preparation we will return free of charge.

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