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Commercial Coating Services in The Villages, FL

Attention to detail is the defining characteristic of our work. We bring precision to every job while working efficiently.

A customer’s first impression of your business is often based upon the appearance of your building. And one of the quickest ways to impress or disgust potential business, is with an ugly, deteriorating, or improper floor. Our team at OCD Painting and Flooring, takes pride in turning your company’s floor into not only a captivating piece of your property but also a functional day to day product.

We offer a wide variety of concrete protection systems to suit any demand. With varying levels of wear resistance, grip, cleanability, and artistic elements, your floor will be unique to your business and tailored for your use.

Reawaken Your Commercial Floors with Coatings

Floor coatings are a quick, easy and long lasting solution to address any flooring issue. Say goodbye to the boring,  unprotected concrete, and quickly transform your floor into a highlight of your building’s appearance. Our multitude of options and variations turn your floor into a seamless yet functional piece of your building.

Our transformation process includes multiple stages that can solve any issue. Common floors are riddled with holes, cracks, spalling, chemical spotting and much more. The team at OCD Painting and Flooring has the equipment and expertise to rid your floor of imperfections, and establish a long-lasting solution for many years to come.

Benefits of Commercial Coatings

Floor coatings have a large array of benefits and options. One typical desire in a floor is abrasion resistance. If your floor features heavy traffic from equipment or even foot traffic, we offer a full lineup of heavy abrasion resistant coatings to serve your business. We offer systems ranging from light to heavy duty abrasion resistances depending on your need.

Another sought after characteristic of a commercial floor is cleanability. No other type of floor offers quite the same cleanability as a coating. The concrete is completely sealed off and the top layers of the coating system provide extremely low permeability. Thus any type of foreign or unwanted material rests on top of the polymer system and is easily cleaned with your typical household cleaners or even just a bucket and mop.

Our floors also offer very long lives. Other flooring options such as tile or carpet degrade very quickly in day-to-day operations, and can be expensive to replace. Floor coatings, on the other hand, have extremely long life when properly maintained and cared for. Also when the coating does finally begin to show its age, the floor can easily be repurposed when installed right the first time, through an easy re-coating process.

The Coating Process

The coating process begins with preparation of the concrete slab. Even brand new concrete has a weak layer that is formed during the initial curing process. Our wide range of equipment and experience allows us to identify how to properly prepare your floor. Typically this top, weak layer of concrete is removed with a diamond grinder. As well as any debris or contaminants that are in the slab.

Next the coating process begins, which can vary depending on the system decided upon for your specific project. There is normally always a thin epoxy primer that saturates the concrete, forming a sealed, blank canvas for the ensuing steps. From there the remaining body coats and or aggregate is installed.

Some common aggregate seen in these stages include fine quartz, small or large flake chips, sand, aluminum oxide, fine metallic flakes, just to name a few. These aggregates offer unique styles but also help to increase the abrasion resistance and traction on your floor. Finally, the system is typically completed with a urethane or polyaspartic topcoat. These topcoats offer exceptional chemical and UV resistance.

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We have been a trusted name in the central Florida area for decades. Our full-time staff is dedicated to getting your project done right, and on time. We also offer flexibility when it comes to working around your business’ schedule, ensuring there is little to no setback by your transformation.

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OCD Painting and Flooring Inc. was established in 2018 with the goal of providing leading painting services in The Villages, Florida. Our founders have decades of professional painting and flooring experience, which has been passed down to their small team of highly trained individuals.

Attention to detail is the defining characteristic of our work. We bring precision to every job while working efficiently. As a valued customer, we protect your service with a 3-year warranty on our workmanship. Want to read more?

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We stand behind every single job we do and give all our customers a three year warranty on our workmanship. If there is a failure with anything we do, due to application error or lack of proper preparation we will return free of charge.

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