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Interior Painting Services in The Villages, FL

Attention to detail is the defining characteristic of our work. We bring precision to every job while working efficiently.

Initially, painting your home might seem like a simple DIY task, but ask anyone who has done it, and they’ll tell you that painting can quickly become a time consuming, overwhelming task. Many rooms have their own unique painting obstacles, like fine edge details or tall ceilings. To save time, energy, and ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the result, call a professional to paint your home’s interior!

Revitalize Your Home with Interior Painting

Interior painting service is a fast and sure way to upgrade your home. Fresh paint can revitalize a home, modernize the spaces, and create a homogeneous aesthetic from room to room. Don’t settle for the previous owner’s design or a generic color scheme when you can transform your home to be unique to your style and desires. Consider painting your kitchen, bedrooms, foyer, hallways, living rooms, or office spaces!

Benefits of Interior Painting

Improves the Mood of Your Home

You probably spend a lot of time in your house, so it is important that your environment looks good and feels good! Different paint colors can make spaces feel larger and more open, helping you feel less cramped. Blues, greens, and neutrals can help you feel less stressed. Painting a room white might energize the space. Lastly, a fresh coat of paint makes spaces appear cleaner, which will also boost the atmosphere.

Raises the Value of Your Home

Painting is the most affordable way to increase the value of your home. If you’re looking to sell, old, dingy paint coats are uninviting to potential buyers. However, a new color palette can instantly update the space and catch a buyer’s eye.

New ceiling paint often gets neglected, and it may show yellowing, spots, or stains. A newly painted ceiling greatly improves a space by cleaning and brightening it. New paint also covers any stains or marks you might have created over the years of living in your house.

Improves Air Quality

Interior painting improves the air quality of your home. Fresh paint resists dust and dirt buildup. It can also prevent mold and mildew from accumulating in rooms with moisture, like bathrooms and kitchens. These days, many paints are very low VOC (volatile organic compounds) or zero VOC. This updated paint technology reduces the presence of invisible toxins and chemicals in the air of your home.

Our Interior Painting Process

  1. Consult with you about your project. We know choosing colors can be difficult! If you need assistance, we can walk with you through the selection process and offer our expertise.
  2. Prepare the room. We will remove all wall anchors, putty every nail hole, caulk cracks, and sand surfaces, if necessary. We’ll also protect your floors and other furnishings with drop cloths to avoid leaving behind any paint splatters or drips.
  3. Paint using high quality products. As experts, we make sure to keep ceiling, door jam, corner, and baseboard lines extremely crisp so your room looks incredible by the time we’re done!

Interior Painting Related Services

Interior painting often comes with small repairs or other services, and we can take care of those too. We can perform minor drywall repair, ceiling retexture, ceiling painting, and baseboard painting. Just tell us what you need!

We Use Products You Can Trust

OCD Painters and Flooring uses the best products from Sherwin-Williams because of their proven superior quality. Their Harmony, Superpaint, Duration, or Emerald lines are our preferred products because they are long-lasting and they are zero to very low VOC. However, if you desire a different product for your walls, we can accommodate.

Why Choose OCD Painting and Flooring for Your Interior?

Painting is our main gig at OCD Painting and Flooring Inc. Our two founders have been painting professionally for over three decades combined, and they’ve passed on their expertise to their small team of well-trained individuals.

Our years of perfecting the trade, and our meticulous attention to detail, make us your number one choice for interior painting in The Villages, Florida. We guarantee satisfaction with our workmanship with a 3-year warranty.

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OCD Painting and Flooring Inc. was established in 2018 with the goal of providing leading painting services in The Villages, Florida. Our founders have decades of professional painting and flooring experience, which has been passed down to their small team of highly trained individuals.

Attention to detail is the defining characteristic of our work. We bring precision to every job while working efficiently. As a valued customer, we protect your service with a 3-year warranty on our workmanship. Want to read more?

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We stand behind every single job we do and give all our customers a three year warranty on our workmanship. If there is a failure with anything we do, due to application error or lack of proper preparation we will return free of charge.

We are specialists in painting (including decorative concrete, epoxy and driveways), wood stain or varnish, texturing, drywall repairs and installation to finishing, flooring (tile, floating floors: vinyl and laminate wood).


Valuable customer feedback helps us hone our services and provide the best possible experience. At OCD Painting and Flooring Inc, we strive to ensure each of our customers is fully satisfied with their purchase or service.


We are located in Tavares, Florida and our service areas include; The Villages, wildwood, Leesburg, lady lake, Fruitland park, Tavares, Yalaha, grand island, Eustis, Umatilla, Mount Dora, Plymouth Sorrento, Deer Island, Donna Vista, Howey-in-the-hills, Astatula, Tangerine and Zellwood. Contact us today!

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