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Cabinet Painting Services in The Villages, FL

Attention to detail is the defining characteristic of our work. We bring precision to every job while working efficiently.

Tired of your traditional, dull cabinets? Or are your current cabinets chipped or stained? Painting your cabinets is a great way to remodel your kitchen or bathroom without such a hefty price tag. Updating your cabinets to a more current or timeless style will dramatically improve your home.

Modernize Your Cabinets with Cabinet Painting

Cabinet painting is no small feat. Many who try to complete this project on their own end up unsatisfied with the results. Without knowledge and experience, it’s common to end up with brush stroke streaks and an uneven finish. A lot more labor is involved than one might think to make sure your finished product both looks good and stands the test of time.

Cabinets are the most prevalent feature of several rooms, particularly the kitchen and bathroom. Some people choose to paint cabinets in their basement and garage as well. You might consider painting your cabinets white for a fresh and clean look, or you might stylize your home with navy or another color. Finishing options include semi-gloss, gloss, or satin, depending on how much shine you want. The choices are yours, and we are here to help your vision become reality!

Benefits of Cabinet Painting Services

Affordable Modernization

Cabinets can truly transform a room, but new cabinets are very costly. Painting cabinets is an awesome way to modernize your home without spending so much. Unless your cabinets are super warped or damaged, there is no need for all new cabinets when you can paint them for a brand new look.

It also allows you to preserve your current countertops, so you won’t have to purchase new countertops in addition to cabinetry. You’ll get to keep the current configuration of your cabinets, but you’ll choose the finish and color. Color options are truly limitless, so your cabinets can be unique to your style.

Faster than Replacing Cabinetry

With our experience and efficient service, painting cabinets only requires a few days to complete. The cabinet painting process is much less disruptive to your everyday life than the alternative. Your kitchen will be in working order much quicker, whereas full cabinetry replacement can take weeks to ship and install.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Throwing away cabinets in perfectly good shape contributes to the growing landfills. Refinishing your cabinets is an eco-friendly solution to remodeling and reduces waste.

Increases Your Home’s Value

Painted cabinetry has the potential to feel like a complete remodel, which increases your home value. They can transform any kitchen or bathroom into a stylish new room and catch buyers’ eyes, if your goal is to sell. Even if you don’t plan on moving, increased value is never a disadvantage.

Our Cabinet Painting Process

  1. Remove the doors and hardware. This prep work contributes to our efficiency and excellent results! We’ll also prepare the rest of the room by moving furniture and covering appliances. 
  2. Clean the cabinets. We’ll degrease your cabinets with a cleaning agent to make sure the surface is ready for paint.
  3. Sand, sand, sand. Sanding is the most important step to long-lasting results because it gives the paint a surface to adhere to.
  4. Prime cabinets. After all surfaces are sanded, we will apply a paint primer to promote adhesion of the new paint coat and protect the cabinets overtime.
  5. Paint all cabinet surfaces. Once the primer dries, we can begin painting your cabinets with your selected color. Allow time for the paint to dry before resuming use.

Why Choose OCD Painting and Flooring for Your Cabinets?

OCD Painting and Flooring Inc. is the preferred choice for any painting project in The Villages, Florida and surrounding areas. We’ve been painting professionally for decades! Over the years of experience, we’ve sharpened and perfected our cabinet painting skills.

Our fine attention to detail truly sets us apart, and we guarantee customer satisfaction with a 3-year warranty on our workmanship. Click here to view our online gallery of photos of our past cabinet painting projects.

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Attention to detail is the defining characteristic of our work. We bring precision to every job while working efficiently. As a valued customer, we protect your service with a 3-year warranty on our workmanship. Want to read more?

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