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Garage Floor Coatings in The Villages, FL

Attention to detail is the defining characteristic of our work. We bring precision to every job while working efficiently.

Whether your garage is a showpiece of your house or a “forbidden for guests” room, a floor coating is a great idea.The garage is one of the highest traffic areas on anyone’s property. It is home to cars, DIY projects, holiday decorations, golf clubs and just about anything else. With that said, you want a floor that can stand up to anything you might throw at it.

Our garage floor coatings offer many increased benefits on top of transforming your floor into an eye opener instead of an eye sore. The professional staff at OCD Painting and Flooring can provide the right solution for your specific situation and desires.

Reawaken Your Garage with Floor Coatings

The concrete in your garage right now might be dusty, contain ugly oil spots, spalling, delaminating in areas, slippery, or even an ugly color. All these problems are solved with a floor coating.  We invest the time and effort in developing even the ugliest floors into works of art.

Our garage coatings have a wide range of variation as well. If you want your floor smooth or grippy, glossy or matte, flake or quartz, or even just an uncommon color, we can do it!

Benefits of Garage Floor Coatings

All polymer flooring solutions offer a wide variety of benefits. With a proper bond, your concrete will be sealed off from the environment. This ensures your slab will be free from any harmful contaminants. Oils and many other chemicals will penetrate into your floor and slowly start to weaken the substrate and develop into structural issues.

Each coating system is typically topcoated with a urethane or polyaspartic coating, which offer great UV resistance. Many materials, especially in construction materials, will slowly become increasingly brittle when exposed to the sun and temperature cycles, but not these coatings.

These materials also increase the cleanability of your floor greatly. Liquids spilled onto the floor will pool instead of soak in and can be easily cleaned up. Dirt and debris will not easily stick onto the floor and will easily gather up. The only maintenance will be the occasional sweep and mop with typical household cleaning materials.

And of course, these coatings will provide a great, long-lasting look. Tuning the traditional concrete look into a wide variety of colors and features.

The Garage Floor Coating Process

The process begins with preparing the surface of the concrete. This is the most crucial step in ensuring the system is properly bonded to the concrete. This is typically done with  floor grinders that utilize diamond technology to remove the top weak layer of the concrete and expose a strong, clean and rough surface profile.

Next a primer coat is installed, which is typically a thin epoxy liquid that soaks into the concrete, and creates a baseline for the project. Typically followed by a body coat of a slightly thicker epoxy. The thickness of this coat hides small imperfections in the floor and provides a large portion of the abrasion resistance. Finally the floor is finished with the polyaspartic/urethane topcoat. This provides the UV, chemical, and additional abrasion resistance.

If quartz or a flake floor is desired, these materials are thrown onto the floors in between certain coats while wet. These materials provide an intriguing aesthetic appeal and  further enhance the abrasion resistance and grip of the floor.

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OCD Painting and Flooring has years of experience and the right equipment to get your job done right and on time! Serving the Villages and surrounding areas of Florida for decades. Our professional staff takes pride in every project we are on, a characteristic you will notice as soon as we step on to your floor.

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Attention to detail is the defining characteristic of our work. We bring precision to every job while working efficiently. As a valued customer, we protect your service with a 3-year warranty on our workmanship. Want to read more?

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We stand behind every single job we do and give all our customers a three year warranty on our workmanship. If there is a failure with anything we do, due to application error or lack of proper preparation we will return free of charge.

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