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Nestled along the picturesque shores of Lake Dora in Tavares, Florida, Wooton Park stands as a waterfront gem that captivates visitors with its scenic beauty, recreational offerings, and a vibrant community atmosphere. Whether strolling along the lakefront, enjoying water-based activities, or partaking in community events, Wooton Park is a central hub for both locals and tourists seeking a tranquil escape in Tavares. Information can be found here.

Lakefront Promenade:

Wooton Park’s lakefront promenade provides a scenic pathway for visitors to enjoy breathtaking views of Lake Dora. The paved walkway invites leisurely strolls, jogging, and cycling, offering a serene environment to connect with nature. The gentle breeze off the lake, coupled with the shade of lush trees, creates a tranquil setting for those looking to unwind and appreciate the beauty of Tavares’ waterfront. See here for information about Far Reach Ranch UPICK Farm: Harvesting Joy in Tavares, FL.

Boating and Water Activities:

Lake Dora, part of the Harris Chain of Lakes, is a haven for boating enthusiasts, and Wooton Park serves as a gateway to aquatic adventures. The park features a boat ramp, marina facilities, and ample dock space, making it a convenient starting point for boating excursions. Whether sailing, fishing, or simply cruising along the lakeshore, Wooton Park provides access to the water-based activities that define Florida’s lakefront lifestyle.

Seaplane Base:

Adding to the park’s allure is the Tavares Seaplane Base, located within Wooton Park. Tavares is renowned as America’s Seaplane City, and the seaplane base at Wooton Park welcomes seaplane enthusiasts from around the region. Visitors can marvel at the sight of seaplanes taking off and landing on the glistening waters of Lake Dora, adding an extra layer of charm to the waterfront experience.

Pavilions and Picnic Areas:

Wooton Park offers well-maintained pavilions and picnic areas, providing ideal spots for gatherings, family outings, and community events. The park’s shaded spaces, equipped with picnic tables and grills, make it a perfect destination for enjoying a lakeside picnic with friends and family. The availability of these amenities enhances the park’s appeal as a community-centric recreation spot.

Community Events and Festivals:

Wooton Park is a hub for community events and festivals that bring residents and visitors together in celebration. From music festivals and art shows to holiday events, the park hosts a diverse range of activities throughout the year. These events contribute to the vibrant and inclusive atmosphere of Wooton Park, making it a central gathering place for the Tavares community.

Children’s Playground:

For families with children, Wooton Park features a well-designed playground where young ones can let their imaginations run wild. The playground offers a safe and engaging space for children to climb, swing, and play, creating a family-friendly environment within the park.


Wooton Park in Tavares, Florida, stands as a waterfront oasis that harmoniously blends natural beauty with recreational opportunities and community engagement. With its lakefront promenade, boating facilities, picnic areas, and a rich calendar of events, Wooton Park continues to be a beloved destination for those seeking a peaceful escape and a sense of community in the heart of Tavares. Whether enjoying a lakeside stroll, embarking on a boating adventure, or participating in community festivities, visitors to Wooton Park discover a haven that embodies the charm and spirit of Tavares’ waterfront lifestyle.