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Nestled in the heart of Tavares, Florida, Discovery Gardens is a botanical oasis that beckons nature enthusiasts, horticulturists, and casual visitors alike. This vibrant garden showcases the beauty and diversity of plant life, providing a tranquil escape where visitors can immerse themselves in the wonders of nature. With themed gardens, educational programs, and community events, Discovery Gardens stands as a horticultural haven in Tavares. Tavares, FL can be seen here.

The Butterfly Garden:

One of the highlights of Discovery Gardens is the enchanting Butterfly Garden, a vibrant space designed to attract and support native butterfly species. Lush plantings, colorful blooms, and strategically placed feeding stations create an environment that not only showcases the delicate beauty of butterflies but also serves as a vital habitat for these pollinators. Visitors can stroll through the garden and witness the mesmerizing dance of butterflies in flight. Click here to read about Wooton Park: Tavares’ Waterfront Gem.

Tropical Fruit Garden:

Discovery Gardens features a Tropical Fruit Garden that showcases a diverse array of exotic and tropical fruit-bearing plants. From citrus trees to passionfruit vines, this garden provides visitors with the opportunity to explore the rich tapestry of fruits that thrive in Florida’s subtropical climate. Informative displays offer insights into cultivation techniques, making the Tropical Fruit Garden an educational experience for horticulture enthusiasts.

Herb Garden:

For those interested in culinary and medicinal plants, the Herb Garden at Discovery Gardens is a fragrant and educational destination. This garden highlights a variety of herbs, both common and exotic, with informative signage detailing their uses, cultivation, and historical significance. It’s a sensory journey that allows visitors to connect with the multifaceted world of herbs.

Educational Programs and Workshops:

Discovery Gardens serves as an educational hub, offering a range of programs and workshops for visitors of all ages. From gardening classes to guided tours, these educational initiatives provide valuable insights into plant care, gardening techniques, and the importance of biodiversity. The garden’s commitment to education aligns with its mission to inspire a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

Community Events and Horticultural Celebrations:

Throughout the year, Discovery Gardens hosts a variety of community events and horticultural celebrations. Plant sales, garden tours, and seasonal festivals bring together residents and visitors to celebrate the beauty of nature. These events foster a sense of community and provide opportunities for plant enthusiasts to exchange knowledge, tips, and gardening experiences.

Demonstration Gardens:

Discovery Gardens features demonstration gardens that serve as living examples of sustainable gardening practices. These areas showcase water-wise landscaping, composting techniques, and eco-friendly horticultural approaches. The demonstration gardens inspire visitors to adopt environmentally conscious practices in their own gardening endeavors.

Scenic Trails and Seating Areas:

The garden’s layout includes scenic trails and strategically placed seating areas, encouraging visitors to wander and immerse themselves in the serene surroundings. Whether seeking a quiet spot for contemplation or a picturesque setting for photography, Discovery Gardens provides an inviting environment for relaxation and appreciation of nature’s beauty.


Discovery Gardens in Tavares, Florida, is more than just a botanical garden; it’s a living testament to the diverse wonders of the natural world. With themed gardens, educational programs, and a commitment to community engagement, Discovery Gardens offers a serene escape where visitors can connect with nature, learn about horticulture, and find inspiration in the beauty that surrounds them. As a horticultural haven in the heart of Tavares, Discovery Gardens continues to be a beloved destination for those seeking to explore, learn, and discover the rich tapestry of plant life.