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Happy Memorial Day weekend! Welcome to OCD Painting and Flooring Inc’s first official blog! This week we were in beautiful downtown Mt Dora, repairing holes in drywall and retexturing it to match the exsisting orange peel. We also had to sand the old latex paint that was painted over the top of an oil based paint on the baseboards. Thats a big no no on the prevoius painter’s part! We painted all the interior walls, leaving the house spotless and dust free, like we had never been there… other than the beautiful work completed.

We also did 2 exterior duplexes this past week in Cross Creek Village, located in Leesburg. We brought these buildings back to life by first pressure washing the exteriors to remove all the flaking paint. We applied masonry primer to all the newly exposed concrete areas, applied conditioner to all the exterior walls, and finished with two coats of Sherwin Williams Superpaint.

We also completed one exterior this week in downtown Mt Dora on Simpson St. Take a drive and check out the beautiful Duration paint from Sherwin Williams. We used a Poetry Urn body color with Fairfax brown trim. The siding gables now look like long, beautiful bars of chocolate 🙂

Pick your colors out this week and tell us want you want!!!!

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