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Are you ready to get the best out of your automotive space? If it has sported bare concrete surfaces for a while, you’re likely used to labor-intensive (and costly) upkeep to keep it looking great. This doesn’t have to be the norm!

We have the answer that addresses all your woes: garage floor coatings. This upgrade will help ease the burden in ways that will surely surprise you. Keep on reading to learn more.

Why Not Save Money and opt for a Paint Job?

It’s easy to think that a fresh coat of acrylic or latex will keep your flooring looking spiffy, but this isn’t the case — no matter how thick the layer you apply. These products only sit on top of the material, making them prone to scuffing, stains, and peeling.

Premium coats don’t have these issues. They bond with concrete on a molecular level, creating a protective seal that lasts a very long time.

Did you know that coating finishes come in different forms? While some sport a plain, single-hued look, flake designs offer an elegant touch that won’t go unnoticed. They feature an aggregate material (such as quartz, marble, or colored vinyl) suspended in the surface during the installation process that creates a unique-looking finish.

See the top reasons why “going flake” can make maintenance a breeze.

You Can Worry Less About Damage

Let’s face it. A garage environment isn’t exactly the kindest of settings. We use it for all sorts of activities, from construction projects to oil changes, and that means stuff can get pretty messy.

While bare concrete is fairly durable on its own, it can still chip and crack due to heavy usage.

Coats can serve as a hardy shield that safeguards the material underneath. Take the proactive route now, so you won’t have to worry about costly repairs or replacements in the future.

Stay Ahead of Stains and Microbial Development

If you look at raw concrete through a microscope, you will find that it looks like a sponge. Its highly porous nature means that the material readily absorbs liquids — not the most ideal situation when you have to deal with accidental spills.

Garage floor coatings create a moisture barrier that won’t allow moisture from seeping in. It also prevents unwanted mildew, mold, and bacterial growth. This upgrade will keep your area looking (and smelling) great for longer periods of time.

Minimize Filth

Another drawback of untreated concrete is its tendency to have minute crevices, divots, and other imperfections that collect contaminants. This makes it hard to keep your floor looking clean, no matter how often you sweep or mop.

A coat installation eliminates all these crevices, resulting in a smooth surface with no dirty deposits.

No Pricey or Complex Treatments Necessary

Don’t let the rigorous cleaning requirements of concrete floors overwhelm you. With a coating, you can forgo costly polishing machines and frequent buffing.

All it takes to keep your surfaces spotless is a broom and a damp mop. Depending on your chosen product, you can even pressure wash the garage without fear of damaging its finish.

Hide Grime (Temporarily)

Life often presents some of the busiest moments, where tidying up our garages can easily become an afterthought. Luckily, you can create a visually-pleasing refuge in no time with a flaked floor. Its intricate patterns and eye-catching variety of colors distract from any unsightly mess — until you’re ready to do some cleanup!

Follow These Steps When Maintaining Your Garage Coatings in the Villages

Now that you’ve seen how much time and money this refurbishment can save you, here are a few tips to keep in mind when caring for them:

Give it Time to Cure

When you touch a newly installed coat, it can feel deceptively dry and hard. In reality, the material needs at least a day to be ready for light traffic. For maximum results, allow a week before resuming full activity.

Avoid Harsh Detergents

When dealing with tough stains, resist the urge to reach for:

Why risk compromising your floor’s protection when a gentle approach can do the trick? Water alone is usually enough to get rid of superficial dirt. For tougher spots, use a coating-safe cleaner.

Stick to a Regular Schedule

Much like every other space, letting debris build up will eventually take its toll. Grittier particles can even damage your coating’s top layer, so make sure to sweep every so often. Using a vacuum can cut down on this labor significantly, so you can get the job done in no time.

Take Advantage of Mats

Place some doormats at every entry and exit point. This will help you avoid tracking in dirt from the outside world.

If some parts of your flooring take a heavy beating, invest in some coverings. The extra layer of protection can help prevent premature deterioration.

Forget the Stress of DIY Projects — Get Expert Assistance Now!

Too often, we encounter people who try to tackle their bare concrete themselves — only to end up with disastrous results. Don’t put yourself through the same stress.

At OCD Painting and Flooring Inc., we offer:

Call 352-290-6279 and reap the benefits of our garage floor coatings today! We look forward to serving you!

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