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Interior painting seems like a simple task until you actually take it on. You need to choose the right type of paint and can waste plenty of money by calculating the square footage incorrectly. You might run out of paint with a square foot to go and not find a match. Or you could buy way too much paint for your painting project.

Save yourself time, energy, and aggravation by hiring a professional painter from the outset. In this post, the OCD Painting and Flooring Inc. team discusses the value of expert interior painting in The Villages.

The Benefits of Professional Interior Painting

Improves the Ambience

Interior painting changes the entire mood within the space. The clever use of color can make a small room look bigger and an awkward space more proportional. By skillfully mixing the right types of paint colors and textures, you can transform the space.

Blues and greens, for example, create a serene, restful space. Reds and yellows inject energy, while browns and other neutrals make the space more inviting.

You can assign different colors to different functions. For example, it might be fun to use red in the family room, but that would be too energizing for a bedroom. You could then use pink instead, as it makes a more soothing option.

By the same token, a pale blue wall could work well for a bathroom but might not be strong enough in a study.

Revitalizes the Space

When you use a space every day, it becomes easy to ignore the patina of dust that settles on everything. Walls, over time, start to look dull and dreary. A fresh coat of paint livens up the room, giving it a fresh new look. Even if you stick to the same color, it looks more vibrant and new.

Improves Your Property Value

Cracked, peeled, or grimy paint tells buyers you neglect general maintenance. Whether or not this is true doesn’t matter, as their perception still influences the offer they make for your property.

A professional paint job looks outstanding and makes an excellent investment in your property’s value. Most realtors will advise property owners to repaint before putting the property on the market.

It is particularly important to cover over:

Better Air Quality

Painting over older paints seals in the volatile organic chemicals they may contain. Furthermore, fresh paint makes it more difficult for mold and mildew to gain a foothold and leaves less room for dust to accumulate. It also makes it easier to wipe away moisture that might cause issues in the future.

An Easy Update

Following the existing decor trends every season can prove expensive. You cannot, after all, buy new furniture just because it is in style. Interior painting provides a cost-effective way to instantly update your property.

You can make any room look fresher by repainting the ceiling. You can then choose one accent wall and paint it in an on-trend color without incurring a great deal of expense. Then, add the odd throw pillow in a similar color or on-trend pattern, and the space looks more modern on a shoestring budget.

Our Interior Painting Process

We follow a simple set of steps to ensure you get the results you expect every time:

Why Choose Us? 

We could point to our extensive industry experience or that we always strive toward customer satisfaction, but everyone says the same. Consider some practical reasons why our clients happily recommend us:

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