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Red brick fireplaces and wells create a timeless look inside your home. Unfortunately, having the wrong color can take away some of the charm that they bring. This makes it essential to select interior paint colors that complement your red brick so that you can create the most attractive space possible. 

Selecting the Best Colors

There are several color options that will beautifully complement your red brick walls or fireplace. Each of these interior paint colors will provide a different look and ambiance to your space. 


As you may have guessed, brown is an excellent interior paint color option for bringing out the aged appearance of red bricks. The colors blend together seamlessly, pulling hints of brown straight out of the red surface. Dark browns can provide a more defined border, while lighter browns and beiges will help draw more attention to your windows and trim. 


Gray is a versatile interior paint color that works well when it comes to making red brick colors pop. This color comes in various shades and is neutral, providing several options. Sticking to grays with a more earthy taupe or bluish-gray will help bring warmth to the area without clashing colors.


Sage is another great interior paint color that perfectly complements red brick in your home. A muted sage can help draw attention to the brick without being overwhelming. Since these colors are complementary to one another, they balance well while creating an attractive space. 


Black interior paint is stylish and modern. When paired with white brick, this color paint highlights all of the dark shades offered by the bricks. It creates a darker and moodier appearance that is attractive and easy to furnish. 


This seemingly incompatible color combination works surprisingly well at livening up an interior space. The yellow paint color helps highlight the warm undertones of the red bricks, creating balance. Choosing a lighter and creamier yellow color will create a subtle ambiance, providing a smooth balance while still highlighting the beauty of the red brick. 


Blue paints can put an untraditional spin on a red brick wall or fireplace. Darker blues will create a more modern appearance in the space, while subtle and light blues can help to create a more traditional and old-world look. Selecting a slate blue allows you to take advantage of all of the benefits both blue and gray have when it comes to complementing the space and creating an attractive room in your home.

Other Helpful Tips

No matter what complementary interior paint color you choose to highlight your red brick, you can further accentuate the appearance by adding white or gray trim and cool lighting. 

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