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Garage floor coatings can transform a dull and dreary space into one you can proudly show guests. Choosing the right polyaspartic floor coatings converts those dirty concrete surfaces into showpieces and creates a more functional space.

In this post, OCD Painting and Flooring Inc. discuss the benefits of garage floor coatings in The Villages and surrounding areas.

Revitalizing Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are tough and can take a beating. However, they have several disadvantages when these floors remain unsealed. First, concrete is porous and stains very quickly. Even if you clean up a spill as soon as it happens, it will likely leave an indelible mark.

The next issue stems from the floor shedding dust with use. This fine dust soon leaves a coating over all the surfaces.

Don’t let stained floors detract from your property’s value. The right garage floor coatings will cover the stains and replace them with a beautiful new floor. Visitors will think you installed a new slab.


What look would you like to create? Do you dream of a master showroom for your car with beautiful marble floors? Would you prefer something simpler but still interesting, like vinyl chip flakes? Considering the number of additives available, you can let your imagination take flight.

Our team offers custom garage floor epoxy and polyaspartic coatings. Choose anything from your favorite solid color to a beautiful image of the sunset on the beach. You can opt for a quartz coating for additional strength or add an anti-slip texture for better safety.

Protecting the Substrate

Your concrete floor takes much abuse from the elements, foot traffic, vehicles, dirt, and general wear. By covering the concrete with an epoxy floor coating, you prevent further damage.

Water, grease, oil, and other chemicals from the car will not be able to mar the concrete. Your surface will resist many other compounds your tires drag in, and tire marks will wash away easily.

UV Resistance

Epoxy reigned as one of the leading garage floor coatings of its day. It does, however, have one significant issue that proves challenging to overlook. Sunlight destabilizes epoxy and makes it become yellow and brittle. 

Polyurea came about as a way to address this shortcoming, but it still doesn’t offer the perfect solution. Only now that polyaspartic is available has it become feasible to install epoxy or polyurea flooring in full sunlight. Thanks to the UV protectants in the formulation, you can even coat your driveway with polyaspartic. 

Temperature Resistance

Another downside to epoxy meant that you had to install it in relatively warm weather to cure properly. Being less flexible than the newer formulations, it was also less able to handle temperature extremes. 

Polyurea and polyaspartic can handle a far wider range of temperatures, and you can install them year-round. They will not become brittle with the expanding and contracting of the concrete.

Easy To Clean and Maintain

The impermeable nature of these materials makes it easy to wipe away dirt and spills. Aside from spot cleaning, the worst form of maintenance includes sweeping or mopping the floor. In many instances, you won’t need anything more than clean water to rinse off the grime.

In the unlikely event that you scratch the surface, you can polish away minor marks. For deeper gouges, you will need a patch kit.


The new flooring bonds to the concrete chemically when professionally installed. Therefore, it will not flake or peel away as paint does. It offers great abrasion and chip-resistant properties and will last 15 years or longer in the average home garage.

Even in high-traffic situations, like commercial properties, you will not need to refinish or replace the flooring for at least five years. 

The Garage Floor Coating Process

Garage floor coatings prove extremely durable when you install them properly and use high-quality products. Unfortunately, the DIY kits you buy at the hardware store cannot live up to a professional installation. Even if you can get a decent quality product, the average DIY enthusiast lacks the equipment to properly prepare the floor. 

Our process includes the following:

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