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Epoxy patio flooring is a great option for bringing new life to your outdoor space.  Epoxy is not only a stylish option, but it provides several benefits when it comes to protecting your patio surface and sealing your concrete. This long-lasting patio coating is high-quality and designed to last. If you have epoxy flooring on your patio, there are several things you should and should not do when maintaining it.

Patio Maintenance Tips

Epoxy patio flooring is extremely attractive. Not only does this type of flooring provide you with the ability to customize your home’s exterior and bring a new life that simply cannot be created with standard concrete, but it also helps to protect the surface. When maintaining your patio, there are several do’s and don’ts that you should follow.

The Top Do’s

You always want to make sure that your epoxy patio flooring is free of any solid debris. You should routinely clean the surface to make sure you remove any soil from the floors. You also want to focus on removing grits of sand from the surface. These gritty objects can scratch your floor and cause minor abrasions, so cleaning them away is essential. 

Always test products before you apply them to your flooring. Perform any test cleans on a small space that is not too evident. This will ensure the products are safe to use for cleaning. Check to see if there are any whitish blotches forming. Additionally, look for staining or fading, as this can indicate that the product is not compatible with the surface.

Finally, use soft materials to remove stains and dirt from the surface. This will ensure you do not scratch the surface while trying to remove any harmful substances. Using a mop or a scrubber that has a 3-M white pad will provide you with the best cleaning tools for the surface. It is always best to wash newly coated epoxy patio flooring at least once a week. However, try not to overdo it.

The Top Don’ts

There are several things that you should avoid doing when maintaining your epoxy patio flooring. You do not want ever to scrub the epoxy flooring. Using a hard brush or stiff bristles can cause damage to the flooring and chip away the protective finish. It can also cause scratches that can weaken the coating and cause an unattractive appearance.

Avoid adding mixed cleaners, bleach, wax, or sealers to the surface. All of these harsh chemicals can cause discoloration of the surface. Additionally, avoid using any cleanings that have alkali compounds or crystallization salt in them.

By following these recommendations, you will be sure to enjoy your epoxy patio flooring for many years to come. 

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