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If you are a Florida homeowner, you’ve come to the right place. We are here to answer all of your questions about driveway coating services in The Villages, FL. At OCD Painting and Flooring, we stand behind every single job we do and pride ourselves in being transparent throughout the process. That’s why we are here today to answer your questions and discuss why getting your driveway coated is a smart move in the Sunshine State. 

What Is Driveway Coating?

First and foremost, what is driveway coating, and why do you need it? Driveway coating services involve applying a protective outer layer on top of your asphalt pavement. It is a super important process that keeps chemicals, rain, and UV rays from breaking down your pavement. 

Does My Driveway Need to Be Prepped Before Concrete Coating?

Before a sealcoat is applied to your driveway, it is important to clear off any dirt, leaves, debris, or crumpling asphalt. Professional pavers will want to fill in any cracks or potholes before applying your driveway sealcoat to protect it from further damage.

How Often Should I Coat My Driveway in Florida?

Weather conditions play a huge role in how often you should be applying a driveway coating. Generally speaking, it’s recommended that you sealcoat your driveway every three to five years. However, in Florida, many homeowners will opt to get a driveway coating every two years due to the harsh summer sun. 

What Causes Cracks in My Driveway’s Pavement?

The biggest defining factor that causes cracks in your driveway is the weather. Extreme temperatures like the hot Florida sun can certainly cause your driveway to crack. Rainwater accumulating in low spots can also cause your pavement to shift, and last but not least, if you have a super-duty vehicle parked out front, it might also be the culprit. 

Does Patching Asphalt Make the Cracks Disappear? 

Patching or filling the cracks in your driveway is certainly a great idea, but it does not make the cracks disappear entirely. Deep down, your cracks will still be there, and the best way to get rid of them is with a full repaving job. 

What Are the Benefits of Driveway Coating?

The most significant benefit to having your driveway coated is that you are extending the lifetime of your surface. On top of this, having your driveway coated gives your home a fresh look that the whole neighborhood will benefit from. Staying on top of your home, driveway and garage in every aspect is a great way to maintain its integrity for a lifetime. 

How Should I Maintain My Driveway Coating?

The best way to maintain your new driveway coating is to sweep off debris regularly and remain on the lookout for any problem areas or cracks. It’s also important to be careful of leaking chemicals and oil spills and to try to powerwash your driveway at least once a season. 

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We hope that this blog answers all of your questions about driveway coating as a homeowner in Florida. When you are ready to keep up with your driveway and get the sealcoat it needs to stay protected from the elements, contact the professional team at OCD Painting and Flooring. We pride ourselves on doing the best job in town!

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