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If you’re like most other warehouse managers, you seldom give your warehouse coating a second thought. After all, you’re busy with the day-to-day logistics of running  the warehouse, so the floor rarely crosses your mind unless there is significant damage. 

In this post, OCD Painting and Flooring Inc. explains why it’s time to reconsider your flooring options. While it’s easy enough to slap on a coat of paint every few months, it’s not really the most productive solution. 

Warehouse floor coating systems offer a durable, low-maintenance, and cost-effective alternative for protecting concrete. Read on to learn more about floor solutions that effectively improve your floor’s impact resistance, increases its ability to withstand heavy traffic, and enhances aesthetics in one step.

Why Use an Epoxy Warehouse Coating?

If you’re looking for the most cost-effective warehouse coating in The Villages, you cannot miss with an epoxy base and polyaspartic top coat. 


The right coating protects the floor from the following:

These warehouse coating systems last an average of five to ten years in a high-traffic environment. They also create an impenetrable barrier between the concrete and hazards. The epoxy bonds with the concrete chemically, ensuring it doesn’t peel or chip, no matter how many heavy items you drop on it.

By contrast, paint is a surface treatment that is easy to damage. 


You may choose different colors to enhance safety. For example:

You can also enhance safety by adding aggregates that improve traction. Finally, if you need a hygienic space, the seamless, impermeable flooring is easy to sanitize. 

Low Maintenance and Easy Cleaning

These systems repel liquids, making the floor easy to clean. In many cases, you simply need to sweep or dry mop the floors, mopping with warm water once a month. Maintenance involves polishing the floor every few months and maybe patching the odd gouge if necessary. 

Types of Coating Systems 

There are several types of warehouse coating systems on the market today. Our team will discuss your unique needs to help you narrow down the best choice for your business. However, some options include the following:


Methyl Methacrylate systems are fast curing and emit a low glare, making this option useful in well-lit environments. The upside of this medium is how easy it is to install. It cures extremely quickly, meaning you can walk on it within two hours. You can also apply it in lower temperatures than some other coating options.

Other advantages include its ability to withstand high temperatures and some solvents, acids, and alkalis. It has a high dry film thickness, making it more scratch-resistance than most other systems.

The downside is that MMA does not bond to substrates as easily as the other options. Contractors must, therefore, spend longer on preparation and apply up to four coats. You must work in a ventilated environment during application and can expect to pay more than with most other systems.

Epoxy and Urethane

Using epoxy and urethane together offers the best warehouse coating solution in terms of budget. The mediums have a comparable dry film thickness but require three coats. The downside is that it takes at least 24 hours to be able to walk on the flooring, meaning that you need to shut down for at least two days.

The other downside is that the mixture evaporates, releasing some VOCs into the environment. However, epoxy bonds with the concrete better than the MMA, making it less labor-intensive to install. 

100% Solids Epoxy 

100% epoxy flooring is one of the least expensive options. The coatings stand up well to most chemicals and will resist abrasion. The upside of using epoxy is that you lose none of the thickness during the curing process because it is 100% solid. 

The result is that these are among the safest systems to use because of their low VOC content. The downside is that the system will take up to 24 hours to cure and will not stand up well to UV exposure. The epoxy will become brittle and yellow over time in direct sunlight.


Polyaspartic is the warehouse coating industry’s latest development. Harder than any other medium, it is more durable, contains UV-protectants, and is walk-on ready within 4 hours. It incorporates the low-VOC properties of 100% solid epoxies and the durability of MMA.

The system adheres to the flooring well and shows good chemical resistance. One coat of polyaspartic offers the same protection as two coats of epoxy or epoxy and urethane. 

The downside is that it is more costly than most other systems. 

Speak to Our Team About the Best Warehouse Coating in The Villages 

We minimize your costs and improve safety by using a 100% epoxy base. We then maximize your floor’s protection by using a polyaspartic topcoat. The combination is a powerful mix that offers strength, durability, and UV resistance in a cost-effective package. 

Contact the OCD Painting and Flooring Inc. professionals at (352) 289-8832 for your free estimate for long-lasting warehouse coatings today!

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